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Basmati Rice (India)

Basmati Rice (India)
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Basmati Rice (India)
Aged long-grain basmati rice of a beautiful white-Golden color, ideal for pilaf.
Cereals with elongated curved grains, hard varieties, are of high quality. Rice retains its shape after cooking, and after steaming, the grains turn a Golden hue. The ground grain is semi-transparent and has a lighter shade.
Cereals are not subjected to industrial processing and are stored in specially designed storerooms. The placement contributes to the preservation of useful components in the product. Elite varieties of cereals can be stored in such rooms for up to 10 years, over time, the grain becomes more firm.
When cooking, the delicatessen grits increase 2-3 times, the shape of the grains does not change. Steamed grains retain a dense structure. After cooking, the cereal acquires a sweet taste, nutty smell, and retains its crumbliness.

Unlike regular rice
Basmati rice, unlike regular rice, is longer, reaching 8 mm. When cooking, the grains do not change shape. Standard rice is white, and Basmati grains have a Golden hue. Different types of product taste characteristics and aroma.

Basmati has a rich nutty flavor and is richer than standard cereals in useful trace elements, minerals, and amino acids. The advantage of the product is a reduced glycemic index in comparison with classic rice.

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