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Loader of seeders ZS-4L

Loader of seeders ZS-4L
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The loader of seeders ZS-4L is intended for loading of seeds and mineral fertilizer fertilizers into seeders, spreaders and sowing units of domestic and foreign production.
      The loader of seeders ZS-4L is installed on autotractor dump trucks of the type ZIL-MMZ-554M (4502), GAZ-SAZ-3307, KAMAZ-5511 (45142) (45282А) (65115), tractor trailers 2ПТС-4, MAZ-555102-220 ( 223) (225) and other dump trucks with the direction of unloading back.
       The seeder loader is a special interchangeable rear side of the autotractor dumping platform. The seeder loader is equipped with a screw conveyor with a swivel unit, controlled by a reversible winch for the elastic adjustment of the working overhang in height and width of the seeders. The design of the seeder loader uses a hydraulic drive that is fully adapted to domestic automotive engineering. In the transport position, the auger of the loader of the seeders is folded diagonally on the tailgate of the dump truck platform. For more convenient operation of the loader of the seeders, the design of the screw conveyor uses an adjustable gate valve, which, if necessary, blocks the flow of grain or fertilizer.
        The scope of delivery of the seeder loader includes: a special tailgate, a screw conveyor, a hydraulic distributor, a reversible winch, a full set of hydraulic lines and fasteners, as well as a passport, instruction manual and an annual warranty card.
       To improve the performance of the seeder loader, at the request of customers, the screw conveyor can be made both with increased reach, and with a large diameter, as well as with the use of a high-performance hydraulic drive.
    When installing a screw conveyor of increased productivity, we recommend the option of an electric reversible winch.
      The entire model range of seeders loaders is manufactured in climatic version GOST15150 for operation in zones 1-20. The loader of seeders provides settlement operation according to agrotechnical requirements, at sowing material humidity to 15%.
       Regarding the market analogs, the ZS-4L seeder loader is produced only from domestic high-grade steels with high resistance to corrosion, completed with a planetary gerotor hydraulic motor of increased reliability, and post-warranty service for 10 years.
        * - these characteristics depend on the modification of the seeder loader.
- mineral fertilizers …… .... 150-350 * kg / min
- wheat seeds ......... .............200-600 * kg / min
Nominal rotation speed ......... 172 rpm
Nominal torque ... ......... 303 N * m
Departure of the screw worker:
- horizontal ... ………………… ... 2.5-1.0 * m
- vertical ....... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1.3-4.5 * m
Mass, not more than ........ ........... ... .... ... ..... 250 kg

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