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Charcoal в Сальте

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Charcoal pini kay
Charcoal pini kay - фото 1
Charcoal pini kay - фото 2
Charcoal pini kay - фото 3
570 €/т
Kruk LLC produces and sells charcoal in Ukraine and abroad. The raw material for the production of our products is environmentally friendly wood (oak, pine). We suggest you consider our company as a potential supplier of products to your supermarket or outlet. Priorities for cooperation with our
25 июн 2020
Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production
Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - фото 1
Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - фото 2
+7 фото
Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - фото 3
251 850 €/equipment set EXW
Charcoal-burning machine Charcoal combustion complex is designed for processing of wood waste: dust, sawdust, chips - into high quality charcoal. In the future, the charcoal can be used for the production of charcoal briquettes, for roasting meat and barbecues, for the production of activated
24 апр
Starter birch charcoal for barbecue in Eco packaging
4 $/шт
Good afternoon! We present to your attention a new unique product on the market. "STARTER" - selected wood (birch) charcoal in a box.. 100 % natural product There are no analogues Manual selection of coals Without dust Without chemical additives Patent No. 4050 of 06.06.19 Box size cm. - 24 x 26
24 мар 2022
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