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Organic fertilizers Chicken compost Good Yield
Organic fertilizers Chicken compost Good Yield - фото 1
Organic fertilizers Chicken compost Good Yield - фото 2
+4 фото
Organic fertilizers Chicken compost Good Yield - фото 3
45 €/т EXW  
опт 32 - 45 €/т
We are appreciate for your interest in our product - organic fertilizers ТМ «Good Yield» and looking forward for long term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Our Company produces a range of organic fertilizers based on poultry manure in bulk and granular forms. Compost TM “Good yield” is a safe
22 авг 2019
Мікродобрива позакореневого живлення
Мікродобрива позакореневого живлення - фото 1
Мікродобрива позакореневого живлення - фото 2
+4 фото
Мікродобрива позакореневого живлення - фото 3
5 $/л  
опт 3 - 4 $/л
Microfertilizantes de nutrición no radicular, producción de Ucrania. Presentar los certificados ISO y Organic Standart. Buscamos una firma representativa de forma permanente.
26 июн 2019
Удобрение Гумат калия "ФК" /Humate potassium
Оптовая цена
1 - 2.50 $/л
Fertilizer potassium humate " FK " (liquid concentrate) from environmentally friendly lowland peat, which does not contain heavy metals. Fertilizer is made according to TU BY 291502328.001-2018. The composition of the fertilizer includes humic substances (humic + fulvic acids in a concentration of
17 янв 2019
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